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Advance Coatings, Inc. has been in business in Lake County for three years and uses only top-quality products and the latest processes in the business. Providing customers throughout Florida with the best is at the top of our list when it comes to the services we provide. Safety and expertise are also top priorities which is why we go through the training necessary to do things right the first time, safely, and every time as well as using the best products in the marketplace.


Mark McCormick
Repaint Specialist


Licensed & Insured

Interior Painting

Exterior Painting

For exteriors, we use a Sherwin Williams Exterior Superpaint Satin with a 10 year warranty.

Services include:

- pressure washing the exterior

- repairing any cracks with an elastomeric silicone

- plastic cover all windows

- dig around the base of the house to paint below dirt line, then replace all rocks, dirt, mulch, etc.

- apply sealer

For interiors, we use Sherwin Williams Interior Pro Mar 400 Eggshell washable finish paints with a 10 year warranty.

Services include:

- moving all furniture and putting it back in its proper place

- taking all faceplates off , painting behind them & replacing

- repairing any holes in the drywall before painting

- 2 coats on everything

For concrete flooring projects, we use a Sherwin Williams H & C product. We pressure clean, fix cracks in flooring, then acid wash. The floor then gets two coats of epoxy tile clad and your choice of flakes on the base color epoxy with a clear coat to finish. Lifetime warranty.

For staining and varnishing projects:, we clean the surface, then apply Minwax stain with clear coat. Then we sand it smooth, use a sanding sealer and clear coat surface for a gloss finish.

For cabinet resurfacing projects, we build a paint booth out of plastic, cover all floors, walls, ceilings, & appliances. Then we spray the cabinets with an oil-based primer, then spray the oil finish so there are two coats. Very durable with a 10 year warranty.

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For more information on our services, feel free to give us a call at 352-255-0145.

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Staining &

Decorative Concrete

Cabinet Resurfacing

For epoxy projects, we pressure clean the area, use an acid wash tile clad epoxy product, two coats, then a clear coat. We can do special designs or flakes as well.


Pressure Washing

For pressure washing, we use a chlorine and water 50/50 mix with no harm to plants or animals.

Special Projects

Pool Decks

For pool decks, we pressure clean it, fix any cracks with elastomeric silicone, 2 coats of H & C concrete stain with a concrete H & C clear coat to protect it from wear.